Table of content:

Build the structure

This section focuses on building the base structure of the robot.

Structure and electronics

3d-printed parts

This robot uses 3d-printed parts to be easily remixed. Blender source files and STL are available at or on Thingiverse.

This chassis also reuses the parts that come with Herkulex servomotors.

To build the robot, you will need to print:

  • 6x joint.stl: top part of one leg,

  • 6x foot.stl: bottom part of one leg, may be modified to adapt to different rubber endcap or touch sensor,

  • 1x box.stl: main body of the robot, may be modified to adapt to different electronics.

3D printed parts

If you are 3d-printing with a 0.2 layer height on a standard Cura profile, it should take around 22h30 of printing, and one quarter of a one-kilogram spool of plastic.

Non-printed parts